Output 1

In the following reports the results of the “Study of high risk criminogenic factors regarding delinquent behaviour” Output 1 are presented.
This Output is made up of two parts:

  • O1-A1 regards “The criminogenic factors of the target groups in the partner countries, regarding risk and protective factors of delinquent behavior and develop an instrument to foreseen the recidivism risk”; in this part, an Inventory of relevant EU and national initiative and tools, theoretical and operational models of risk and protective factors of delinquency and an empirical research aimed at identify the risk and protective criminogenic factors that could affect the recidivism among young offenders have been carried out.
  • O1-A2 is related to The innovation at European level regarding competencies needed for employability, and their adaptation to the specific context of minor/juvenile offenders targeted by the partnership”. This part is characterized by an inventory of relevant EU and national initiative and tools, theoretical and operational models of employability skills and an empirical research on the skills and the capabilities that the young offenders can develop, in order to foster the integration after their release.

Output 3

Training and learning materials – Competencies and tools for young offender’s employability 


The materials for Output 3 were designed and created under the listing for employability skills identified in O1- Study on factor and protective risk for recidivism (Salerno University). The other important premise was the Short term staff training (C1) – Fife, Scotland (Fife Council).


  • The Students Toolkit
  • The Educators Toolkit 


This tool aims to promote a clear connection between academic and social needs and realities. The main goals of the materials are:

  • to motivate young people to obtain a degree in secondary school (or equivalent in Europe);
  • to promote a correct vision of the labor market;
  • to increase the importance given to the labor market in school learning;
  • to prepare and help young people before they get into the labor market;

The Students Toolkit

The Educators Toolkit