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Multiplier Event 3

Multiplier Event No. 3, organized by DAE association, partner in ILA Project, was carried out in Badalona, Barcelona, the 30th of January of 2016.

The total number of guests was 45 (40 locals and 5 foreigners).

The sending institutions and the participants were related to the main theme of ILA Project: Schools, Penal Institutions, Young Offenders’ Centres, Shelters, Residential Centre with Educational Activities, General Direction for Childhood and Adolescence Services (DGAIA), Child Protection Services etc.

The aims of the Event were:

  • validation of Output no. 3 Training and learning materials – Competencies and tools for young offenders’ employability
  • dissemination of :
    • Output no. 1 Study of high risk criminogenic factors regarding delinquent behaviour
    • Output no. 2 Staff training curriculum regarding staff abilities working with youth with high risk of social exclusion.