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The Transfer Workshop in Cyprus was done on the 2nd and the 3rd of November, 2015, at the premises of the Nicosia Prison Department’s school and it involved the joined efforts of Christina Georgiou and Thomas Nicolaides, who both attended the Short-term joint staff training in Scotland in May 2015, as well as 14 members of staff, their colleagues, who were interested and eager to take part in their experience and learn something more regarding the dealing with young offenders.

The materials that were available to Christina and Thomas and provided by Ian McFarlene were translated into Greek and adapted in two separate presentations and group work sessions, the first day conducted by Thomas and the second by Christina. The agenda of the Transfer Workshop was based on the agenda provided by the project coordinator-CEB. The Transfer Worshop was materialzed from the morning until the early afternoon of the aforesaid dates.

The participants were both male and female and of various positions in the Prsion Department. They were also of the various age and educational backgrounds, as well as of different ranks and experience span. They were very enthusiastic of this workshop and undertook all activities with great attention and devotion. All fourteen participants completed the Evaluation Questionniare, hereby summarized in English and available in PDF format in their original, Greek version.