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Short-term joint staff training event

A total of 28 employees working with young offenders from Romania, Spain and Cyprus have participated in Scotland, in a training program conducted over 10 days, focused on vocational counseling in order to increase the chances of employability of young inmates and prepare them for social inclusion after release. This training program has a unique component not only by the transnational character, bringing together 28 participants from a number of prison systems in Romania, Spain, Cyprus and Scotland, but by the transferability of good practices that have already proven effective in EU States Members. The meeting proved to be extremely useful, not only by the high quality of the presentations, but through discussions developed around topics of great importance: education and reintegration of inmates – best practices in the field. The products developed in the project will be in the benefit of two categories of the project’s target group: specialists working in the prison system, and detainees. Moreover, the staff training event paved the way for developing a network between specialists working in penitentiary systems in Europe, in view of the future development of inter-institutional collaboration.