Innovative Learning Approaches in Staff Training and Young Offenders' Employability Support

ILA Employability
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Project at a glance

ILA Empoyability project addresses two areas of interest: on one hand, supporting inclusion of youth at risk and, on the other hand, enabling educators working with such groups at risk with competencies needed  to embed employability into education and rehab work of young offenders. In order for the educators working with the offenders to be able to support learning, to integrate education towards employability into daily activities, clear instruments to support learning are needed (embedded education into formal and informal activities), to evaluate and validate the learning results, and to certify sets of competences acquired formally or informally throughout detention.


Three levels of context:

  • in the situation and needs of the institution(s) applying and of their ‘customers’;
  • in the latest developments of research - first at the level of the connection existing between education, training and rehabilitation, as well as integration of young offenders and secondly at the level of pedagogy of competence based education;
  • in the strategic objectives and priorities put forward by Europe in the Europe 2020, Education and training 2020.


The project targets the needs of the end users of the products to be developed during the project: first the needs of the offenders who need to be prepared for the labour market and for social integration, and secondly the needs of the staff working with the young offenders.


Promoting young people's social inclusion taking into consideration the issue of youth unemployment;
- developing basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, using innovative and learner-centred pedagogical approaches;
- partnerships between education providers and employment providers, with the specific aim to validate the young offenders competencies for employability.